Writing can be learned

There are secrets to writing amazing books. You might think the secret is 'talent' or 'intuition', but you have no control over those. Take hold of what you can control: your knowledge of writing craft.

There are patterns and systems you can use to improve fiction and how you go about creating it.

  • Make a plan

  • Write better books

  • Wow your reader

NaNoWriMo is coming

November will be here before you know it. Prepare to write a novel you can be proud of.

Start planning now
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Bullet Journal NaNoPrep Planner Course

Learn to NaNoPrep like a project manager! Decide what you'll do to prepare for November, and take action to get it done.
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Books on writing books

Learn novel structure and get my recommended reading list for fiction writers!
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Bronwen Fleetwood

Bronwen Fleetwood

Bronwen Fleetwood writes fiction for young adults, and nonfiction for writers. THE MONSTER NOVEL STRUCTURE WORKBOOK is her first book. Her background as a web and graphic designer was instrumental in developing this book. Bronwen studied creative writing at Eugene Lang, The New School for Liberal Arts. Her leadership of the Princeton Writing Group resulted in increased membership, strong community, and several books published. She was a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month's Central New Jersey chapter. Her writing about writing can be found on BronwenFleetwood.com and elsewhere around the web, including DIY MFA and #RWchat.

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